Thursday, December 23, 2010

UPTU/GBTU/MMTU List of examination centers along with some tips for examination

GBTU has announced the list of examination center for the odd semester. This is list is applicable for all students of MTU and GBTU. We people from UPTU WATCH wish you all a very Happy Chirstmas and aton of best of luck to all students, who are going to face this odd semester examination.
Here i am posting some technique for better result
1. Prepare ahead of time. There is no better substitute than reading your notes early so that you would be better prepared for the exam. Not only will you be more familiar with the terms but it will give you more confidence knowing that you have prepared for it in the first place.
2. Take down your own notes. To each his own, it is really not advisable that you borrow somebody else’s notes since they may have their own style in taking down the notes or a different appreciation of the facts from your own. Besides, writing them down will better aid your memorization skills.
3. Use tools in reviewing for your exam. You can use highlighters to give a word an emphasis, or mnemonics to better remember things that are enumerated.If you have read the book “The leader who had no title “then you will be familiar with the acronyms. These acronyms will improve your re-tension of a specific topic so try more and more acronyms. Because good thing always comes into small packets.
4. Join a study group. This is a great way for you guys to have a good exchange of ideas. It will also better improve your memory work and lighten your burden at the same time since you have other people doing other parts of the leg work for you!..
5. Relax. A few days before the exam, try to relax. Go out with friends or play a video game just to let off some of the stress and the tension. This will make your mind fresher and relaxed for the mind boggling exams.
6. Eat well and sleep right. C’mon guys, you do not go partying all night and get drunk the night before your exams and expect to pass it now, would you? That would simply be serving your own failure on a silver platter don’t you agree? And it is simply the most stupid thing you can do before an exam. This is my experience So reserve the partying energy for later. Because every recession comes with a better opportunity to learn and to work. So save your energy for better performance in coming examination.
Eat well and try to get a decent sleep.Along with this i will request you all to have some amount of fruits in your daily life this will increase your capacity to learn by imparting essential vitamins and minerals.
So Chak De Fatte
Don’t be lazy. Success does not favor those who do not aim and work hard for it. Do your part and for sure you will be ready for any kind of exam out there. After all, success will be right at your fingertips if you choose to seize the moment!
Best of Luck!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello friend this is really good that you are publish some of our original compilation but at list give some credit for publishing the content.

anil sahu said...

please display the result of E.I. Branch 3rd year as soon as..,plz plz

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